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Company Info


We are committed to:

  • Exceeding the expectations of our customers.
  • Providing a work place that enhances the lives of our employees.
  • Maintaining a corporate vision, which stimulates growth and profitability.

We believe that success and profitability can only be achieved with wholehearted support from each and every employee. Because we recognize how important our employees are, we have made a firm commitment to:

  • Promote teamwork.
  • Create a workplace where all employees are recognized and respected for their contributions.
  • Provide the direction and leadership necessary to ensure that every employee has a part in making Shogun a success.

It is our policy to handle employees with fairness and honesty, as well to respect and recognize each as an individual. We strive to provide opportunity for growth and development. Whenever possible, promotions shall be made from within and based on skill, ability, performance and respect for length of service.