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Shogun Express Menu

  • Appetizers – $4.99

    • Gyoza

      Pork and vegetable dumpling - deep fried

    • Spring Roll

      Deep fried vegetable spring roll w/ sweet chili sauce

    • Egg Roll

      Deep fried pork and vegetable w/ sweet & sour sauce

    • Edamame

      Steamed young soy beans

    • Vegetable Tempura

      5 piece vegetable mix

    • Shrimp Tempura

      2 piece shrimp and vegetables

    • Crab Rangoon

      (5) Deep fried dumplings filled with crab and cream cheese

  • Salads – $3.99

    Dressings: House Ginger and Ranch
    • House Salad

    • Seaweed Salad

    • Squid Salad

    • Spicy Chicken Salad

  • Soups – $2.50

    • Miso Soup

    • Clear Soup

  • Sushi Rolls – $4.99

    • Alabama Roll

      Smoke salmon, crab sticks

    • Alaskan Roll

      Smoke salmon, cucumber, crab

    • Boston Roll

      Avacado, fresh salmon

    • California Roll

      Avacado, cucumber, crab

    • Crunchy Crab

      Crab, tempura flakes

    • Las Vegas Roll

      Cream cheese, avocado, crab, assorted fish. Battered & Deep fried

    • Philly Roll

      Cucumber, fresh salmon, and cream cheese

    • Spicy Tuna

      Tuna and spicy sauce

    • Vegetable Roll

      Pickles, radish, cucumber

    • Yum Yum

      Yum Yum sauce and spicy crab

  • Combinations – $10.99

    All combos come with fried rice and stir fried vegetables
    • Steak and Shrimp

    • Steak and Chicken

    • Chicken and Shrimp

    • Steak and Scallops

    • Shrimp and Scallops

    • Chicken and Scallops

  • Bowls – $8.99

    All bowls come with fried rice and stir fried vegetables
    • Teriyaki Chicken

      Juicy boneless chicken w/ teriyaki sauce

    • Teriyaki Steak

      Aged steak marinated in teriyaki sauce

    • Teppan Shrimp

      Sauteed in butter, lemon and soy sauce

    • Scallops

      Sauteed in butter, lemon and soy sauce

    • Tuna

      Sauteed in butter, lemon and terikayi sauce

    • Vegetable

      Fresh garden vegetables sauteed in butter, ginger sauce and a touch of teriyaki sauce

    • Yaki Soba

      Stir fried japanese noodles w/ vegetables

    • Fried Rice

      Fried rice only

  • Kids Bowls – $6.99

    All kids bowls come with fried rice only, no vegetables
    • Kids Teriyaki Chicken

    • Kids Shrimp

    • Kids Steak

  • Desserts – $3.99

    • Fudge Filled Chocolate Cake

      Moist chocolate cake studded with chocolate chips and filled with chocolate ganache

    • Red Velvet Bistro Cake

      Rich red cake with cheese mousse, whipped cream, and red velvet crumbs

    • Tennessee Cheesecake

      Handmade from scratch, using all natural ingredients. Great dessert for anybody!

  • Beverages – $1.99

    Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mt. Dew, Diet Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Unsweet Tea and Sweet Tea

Consuming raw or undercooked products may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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