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1/2 Appetizers

 Monday & Tuesday - All Day - Sushi & App Special

Half off Sushi and Appetizers - from Select Menu


Freshly battered and fried with your choice of asian bbq, buffalo or regular sauce

Yakitori Chicken - 7

Grilled chicken skewer with teriyaki sauce

Crab Rangoon – 7

Deep fried dumplings filled with crab and cream cheese

Tempura – 7

Shrimp and vegetable or all vegetable

Bang Bang Chicken / Shrimp – 8

Deep fried chicken or shrimp tossed in our spicy mayo sauce on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce

Fried Calamari – 8

Calamari lightly battered and fried with a sweet chili cocktail sauce and spicy mayo

Pot Stickers - 7

(Fried or steamed) Hand-made pork pot stickers with shaved green onions and sesame seeds with a soy ginger dipping sauce

Cheese Fries – 7

Fries covered with melted cheddar – jack cheese, sour cream, bacon, and scallions

Edamame – 7

(Regular or Asian) Young soy bean steamed with sea salt

Spring Rolls – 7

Hand-made cabbage and vegetable filled spring rolls with sweet thai chili sauce

Egg Rolls – 7

Pork and vegetable egg rolls served with sweet and sour sauce

Lettuce Wraps – 8

Minced chicken, mushrooms, water chestnuts, onions tossed in teriyaki sauce served with iceberg lettuce cups

Fried Portabella Mushrooms – 7

Our take on fried Portabellas

Pork Belly – 8

Fried Pork Belly marinated in Teriyaki Bourbon Sauce

Sushi Menu

MAKI \\Rolled Sushi\\

Alaskan - 7

Smoked salmon & crab

Boston  - 7

Fresh salmon and avocado

Calamari - 7

Calamari, green onion, cucumber, sweet sauce

California - 7

Crab and avocado

Crunchy crab - 7

Crab, cucumber and tempura flakes

Crunchy shrimp - 7

Shrimp, cucumber and tempura flakes

Crystal shrimp - 7

Deep fried shrimp and sweet sauce

Eel - 7

Eel, cucumber, sweet sauce

Nashville - 7

Fried snapper, cucumber, cream cheese topped with sweet sauce

Philly - 7

Fresh salmon, avocado and cream cheese

Shrimp tempura - 7

Shrimp, avocado

Spicy tuna - 7

Spicy tuna

Spicy salmon  - 7

Spicy salmon

Spicy philly - 9

Fresh salmon, cream cheese and jalapeno topped with tuna

Sumo - 9

Yum yum roll topped with seared salmon, green onion, tobiko, tempura flakes, spicy mayo and sweet sauce

Tekka - 8


California roll, topped w/fresh yellowtail

Tempura salmon - 8

Tempura salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno, spicy sauce, sweet sauce, green onion

Vegetable - 8

Pickled radish, avocado, cucumber

Vegetable tempura roll - 8

Deep fried asparagus, sweet potato & avocado

Yum yum - 8

Crab, cream cheese

Deep Fried Rolls

Aspen - 8

Asparagus, smoked salmon, cream cheese

Crazy boy - 8

Fried Yum Yum, sweet sauce

Pink lady - 8

Crab, cream cheese & avocado wrapped in soybean, deep fried

Spicy tuna tempura - 8

Deep fried spicy tuna with sweet sauce

Spicy salmon tempura - 8

Deep fried spicy salmon with sweet sauce

Upside down shrimp - 8

Shrimp stuffed with rice and spicy scallops deep fried and topped with spicy crab and sweet sauce

Pink lady - 8

Crab, cream cheese & avocado wrapped in soybean, deep fried

Spicy tuna tempura - 8

Deep fried spicy tuna with sweet sauce